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Lady Sonia in Manchester in a hotel

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Lady Sonia loves to stay in hotels all around the world, also all around the United Kingdom. Well what is a lady like Lady Sonia suppose to do when she is on one of her shopping trips? But the reason Lady Sonia stays in hotels is to stay the night away for her husband. She she can have all the fun she wants with all the young men she wants, in the hotel without her boring and cuckolded husband Charles bothering her. Well I imagine nothing can be more annoying for a busty unfaithful wife like Lady Sonia, when you are sucking a young guys cock, your stupid cuckolded husband is knocking on the door. That would really put off Lady Sonia, just about to swallow a young mans cum and her husband wanting to know where his dinner i. In this exclusive Lady Sonia movie, Lady Sonia is in a hotel room in Manchester, flashing her big tits out the hotel room window and sucking on a dildo. Waiting for some fun with one of her young men I expect. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia: Lady Sonia is a sex slave in stockings

Monday, September 29th, 2014



Lady Sonia: Lady Sonia is a sex slave in stockings in this extreme hardcore exclusive movie. When Lady Sonia returns home from her horse ride. An intruder is waiting in Lady Sonia’s house, dressed with a leather head and face mask, this intruder is laying in wait. He knows Lady Sonia loves cock, but she has so far ignored all his advances. He believes this slutty unfaithfull wife has been teasing him far to much. Flashing him her stockings and panties and undoing her blouse so he keeps getting a glimpse of Lady sonia’s big breasts. So this intruder is going to teach Lady Sonia a lesson. A lesson she certainly gets. This intruder rips off Lady Sonia’s clothes and stuffs Lady Sonia’s silk scaff in her mouth. Ripping off Lady sonia’s knickers and rough handeling this filthy slutty milf. He makes Lady Sonia ride him and when he wants to cum, he unloads all his spunk over her face and in her mouth. This is one of the hardest and roughest lady Sonia movies I have seen. If you like watching milf housewives getting fucked hard, tied up and abused, you have got to watch this exclusive Lady sonia movie. You will not be disapointed.Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Busty milf milks a sex slaves cum

Monday, September 15th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia’s best friend and very busty British milf, Danica, has decided to milk this slave. Do you know what milking is? It is when a women, wanks a guy off to get the jizz out of his bollocks, Danica milks this slave so she can drink his cum from a glass. Danica is a fucking filthy whore and loves staring on Lady Sonia’s exclusive porn site. Because she gets to fuck lots of young hard big cocked men. Like this slave, who Danica fucks wearing all her clothes, including stockings and high heels and he is stark bollock naked. Like a proper slave would be. I love clothed female and naked male porn, and there is lots on Lady Sonia’s site. Well these British sluts have these young slave boys as sex toys, to suck and fuck whenever they want. These filthy dominant bitches only require one thing from their sex slaves. They must have big hard cocks and know how to use them..
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Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia makes a hardcore porn movie for her cuckold husband Charles

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia makes a hardcore porn movie for her cuckold husband Charles. It was Lady Sonia’s cuckold husband, Charles’ birthday last week and all the silly old foll wanted for his birthday was a video of Lady Sonia fucking or sucking one of her young hung studs. Normally of course this unfaithfull milf wouldn’t do anything her cuckolded husband asked for but as it meant she could fuck and suck one of her young studs she agreed. So here is the great exclusive mkovie Lady Sonia shot for her husband. But Lady Sonia being a cruel bitch, decided to taunt her silly husband at the same time as sucking this young studs cock. So we don’t know if the poor man enjoyed his wifes fucking movie or not! Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia and her big tits with a boob wank

Saturday, August 16th, 2014



Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia’s boobs just seem to get bigger and bigger. Her fucking nipples are huge! Now what could be better than seeing lady Sonia oil up her great big boobs? Nothing as far as I can see. Well just look at them as Lady Sonia covers them in baby oil. They looking fucking great. But what about her poor cuckold husband? Well he doesn’t even get a look in does he. So what could be better? Well I will tell you. Lady Sonia wanking you off with her boobs, well imagine her boobs covered in oil going up and down on your cock. In this exclusive lady Sonia movie we get to see just that. We get to see Lady Sonia giving this very hung young stud an oily tit wank. Of course this is not Lady Sonia’s husband. What would you expect from the nets most unfaithful wife? Well there is no way Lady Sonia will give her little cock, cuckolded husband a tit wank with these two beauties is there? No Lady Sonia saves her tit wanking for all her young hung boyfriends. Another great must see exclusive movie from the nets very sexiest milf. A movie that you simply cannot mis! Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

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Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia lets her cuckolded husband, Charles, watch her fuck another man

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014



Lady Sonia’s long suffereing cockolded husband has been away on a business trip. He has been despertae to see his wife and is despertate to fuck her, but of course the worlds most unfaithfull wife won’t let her husband fuck her. But as a special treat, lady sonia is going to let her husband watch her fuck one of her boyfriends. Lady sonia invites her husband in while she sucks and fucks this young and very hung stud. At the same time she taunts her husband about the size of his small cock compared to her hung stud. I bet Lady Sonias husband feels really stupid being made fun of in front of the stud Lady sonia has her mouth around. Wouldn’t you feel stupid if that was your wife with this young hung stud and they were both laughing at you about the size of your small cock? Well Lady Sonia only likes big cocks so she has no time for her cuckolded husband small one. But it is great for us because this whole scene is captured in this exclusive Lady Sonia movie Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia sucks two cocks and they both cum over her blouse

Friday, July 11th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia sucks two cocks and they both cum over her blouse. Lady Sonia was a busy lutty unfaithfull wife yesterday. First she shot a VERY intense hardcore movie. Which she needed as she hadn’t been fucked for three days, which personally I find hard to believe. But that is what this slut claims. Then afterwards when they all had showered, Lady Sonia had a coffee and I had dressed and sorted out her hair and makeup, well she needed to wash all the cum out, and she was ready to go out and meet a friend in Tunbridge Wells near Maidstone. Then another young and very hung guy turned up and the two men and Lady Sonai started talking about a few other hardcore movie ideas that they could shoot and this got them all stiff and Lady Sonia all wet and then one thing led to another and they ended up shooting something another movie. None of them even got undressed so after Lady Sonia sucked them both they both came all over her blouse and it ended up absolutely soaked with cum so Lady Sonia had to rush and have another shower and then get dressed again before rushing off to get to Tunbridge Wells, forty five minutes late and VERY exhausted, still smelling of cum! Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia swaps between a fucking machine and a real cock

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014



Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia has one hung stud slave all tied up and an assortment of fucking machines to get fucked by while she is tied up. Watch as Lady Sonia swaps between being tied up and fucked hard and then released so she can get her mouth around some real cock. Some real cock that happens to be very big and very hard. This is an amzing exclusive Lady Sonia movie and I love seeing Lady Sonia with no control in one minute being fucked hard by these fucking machines and then in complete control the next minute with her sex slave. What a fantastic range of fucking machines Lady Sonia has. I gues we should have known. As soon as Lady Sonia decides to do something, she does it best. So when Lady Sonia decided to get some fucking machines, she decided to get the biggest and best collection of fucking machines of any slutty milf wife on the net. Seeing Lady Sonia with these huge cocks on the end of these huge machines is realy top class wanking materialWatch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia gets abducted and abused hard in pantyhose

Thursday, June 19th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia was just visiting the studio in Nottingham where she shoots all her very dirty hard, exclusive porn to arrange a video shoot later in the week with one of her very hung young studs, who we love to watch fucking this British milf. When she took a rather interesting phone call from one of her cuckolded husbands, Charles, work colleagues who wanted to talk about Lady Sonia’s underwear and listen to Lady sonai masturbate on the phone for him. Every one of Lady Sonia’s husbands friends knows what an unfaithfull wife, poor cuckolded husband Charles is married to and so they are often trying to get her to do anything naughty. But Lady Sonia had NO idea that the guy on the phone was in the mask was hiding in the shadows watching Lady Sonia and waiting for his chance to pounce on her. Lady Sonia was already shocked that her husbands friend wanted to hear her cum but she had no idea that another guy was watching and listening as well and as I finished my call and rearranged my clothing, which included these pantyhose, he waited for his chanceā€¦ And then just as Lady Sonia was leaving the studio he grabbed her and pulled this slut through to the far end of the building where nobody could hear Lady Sonia scream and then he tied Lady Sonia up so that she was COMPLETELY helpless and used her in EVERY way that he needed to satisfy his perverted desires, cutting Lady sonia’s pantyhose off with a pair of sissors, before fucking Lady Sonia very, very hard Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia sucks the fork lift drivers cock

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia sucks the fork lift drivers cock who is friends of one of the young men that Lady Sonia like to fuck every so often. He told her about a friend of his who works in a warehouse and he mentioned to the nets most unfaithfull wife that he had a VERY big dick so of course she just had to arrange for him to meet him. So we drove up in my new BMW and arrived at the warehouse at just after 5pm and then while a few of the other guys who worked there watch I gave this young mans HUGE cock a blow job and he covered me with his hot thick cum! Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia masturbates this cock with her long opera gloves

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia masturbates this cock with her long opera gloves. Lady Sonia is back from a night at the opera. The thing is, although to the average opera goer, Lady Sonia looks like she is dressed, wearing her fur coat, opera gloves and pearls, she has infact nothing underneath her fur coat, apart from a corset and black stockings. In this exclusive movie, Britains most unfaithfull wife gets to enjoy a big cock when she gets home. She askes “Do you want to feel my soft satin opera gloves on your HUGE cock?” Well for me the answer would be “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Lady Sonia claims to be good at making guys cum. As we all know (apart from her cuckolded husband of course) she is right. She can make pretty much anyone cum, just by looking at her, but when she starts wanking a cock with her long, elbow length black gloves on, they will cum in seconds. But the next site is even better, see this slutty unfaithfull wife puting this huge cock in her mouth and see her jutting breasts sway and her big brown erect nipples demand your attention as Lady Sonia carefully strokes this cock closer to cumming. Lady Sonia of couse like always wants to feel your cock throb and then she wants to taste your pre cum as it starts to leak from your helmet. The climax of this great movie, is that Lady Sonia gets her big boobies covered in cum as well as having a good drink of this warm cum at the same time. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here.

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia fucks the roofer while wearing stockings

Thursday, May 8th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia fucks the roofer while wearing stockings. This whole dirty adventure started when Lady Sonia’s husband Charles wanted his unfaithful wife to meet up with his young roofer to discuss a problem with a roof on the stables they were having but of course Lady Sonia really had something much more important in mind and for this young hung stud before he unloaded the ladders from his van. She wanted him to unload his cum in her mouth. Lady Sonia knew that if she was wearing a low cut dress he would be desperate to get his fat cock between her big firm boobs before giving her everything that this slutty milf wants, which is hard and deep in her mouth and pussy and Lady Sonias cuckold silly husband Charles will just have to sit and wait until the young man is finished fucking his wife!Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia gets fucked outside by her young builder

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Lady Sonia cannot resist young firm and muscular men, especially builders. I have no idea why Lady Sonia’s poor cuckolded husband keeps hiring these young fit builders to work around the house. It is obvious that Lady Sonia will end up fucking these young men when her husband is out. Well today the builder and maintenance man at Lady Sonia’s English manor house is mowing their lawns and it is a hot day so he is half naked. Lady Sonia cannot stop watching this young muscular builder and she is getting wetter and wetter. Lady Sonia just must have this muscular builder. Of course there is not a man in the world who could resist Lady Sonia and this young hung man is no different. watch as the UK’s most unfaithfull wife fucks this young hung builder outside. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

Lady Sonia and some big black cock

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Lady Sonia loves cock, big cocks though only, obviously. But what Lady Sonia really loves is big black cock. In this movie Lady Sonia has a massive black cock to play with. This is a full length movie from Lady Sonia and is 45 minutes long, in which Lady Sonia makes her black lover cum two times, both times in her mouth. Lady Sonia dressed in stockings gets fucked in all positions and she even gets her huge boobs fucked by this black stud.

Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia fucks her bound slave wearing rubber and the stockings

Thursday, April 10th, 2014


Lady Sonia Movie: Lady Sonia loves this hung stud the most out of all of her sex slaves. Because he knows how to fuck an unfaithfull milf slut, like Lady Sonia and her friends, very hard. So Lady Sonia has this sex slave bound up all day and teases him when she wants. lady Sonia even has time to change her clothes inbetween sucking and fucking this huge cock. Lady Sonia changes out of this rubber all in one suite into something much more familiar. Stockings and suspenders. Then after she has got this cock all hard, Lady Sonia changes back into her rubber cat suit to ride him very hard. Having the muscular young guy secured and helpless in the steel frame was a perfect opportunity for Lady Sonia to thoroughly oil his big throbbing cock before teasing it and exciting it with both her hands and my expert milf mouth until he is desperate to cum.
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