Lady Sonia Movie is my own personal website and I personally run my own site, put my own site together, have my own personal photographer and update my site myself on a daily basis. The fact that is my own personal project and not run by a corporation or large anonymous company is the key that has made it such a massive success and why is so totally unique.

So far has more than 25,000 exclusive photos, 4 complete video libraries filled with hours of full length fully download-able videos, interviews, my personal journal and lots more! I also update my site every single day (365 days a year) with brand new and 100% exclusive material and content. is growing every day so check out my update page for full information.

I am a real English Lady and I live only by my own rules! I am a fetishist who loves to explore the world of eroticism and decadence and is a window into my private and personal world. Are you ready to join me on my journey of exploration?

ALL Members of also receive FULL and unrestricted membership to, & The as well so you are invited upon a VERY SPECIAL journey! is dedicated to REAL assertive English Ladies, The is filled with HOURS of the strongest fetish streaming video on the web and Fetish-Office explores the darker side… Your membership will give you FULL access to all four MEGA fetish sites!